Spain Espana World Cup Metallic Confetti Red Gold - Approx 35 Pieces #4028 - Free Ship - B07DFDD7VP

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  • GREAT FOR: 2018 FIFA World Cup Match June July

  • One Pouch Contains Approx 35 Pieces

  • SHAPE SIZE: 1/2" x 1" to 3' Long (12mm upto 75mm)

  • Click the "Jimmy Jems" link (located above the Product Title) to Visit Our Store that lists over 500 Shapes and Colors of Confetti. The inventor of Metallic Confetti over 30 years ago in Los Angeles. All our Confetti is shipped to you FREE FREIGHT by USPS First Class or Priority Mail.
    The 2018 World Cup is HERE. Add some Old SPAINISH Spirit and Show your Colors. Liven up your event with simple Stars or Circles. Mix with 2018 and futbals or soccer balls. And now available ESPANA in confetti. Cool. Cheer on the team.
    How many pieces of confetti per One pound?
    The great unknown. As every confetti has it own shape and thus area and weight, we simply do not count. For example a 1/4 Square would weigh more than a 1/4" polkadot (circle), and of course a 1/2 Star, would weigh more than both. Then we have the mixed shape confetti that would never have the same exact proportion of shapes per each lb. Lastly, the weight of the material we use sometimes fluctuates. NIGHTMARE!!! So, we decided from the beginning to sell by weight and not by volume or piece. But, for this website, Jimmy instructed the crew in the back to come up with some numbers and here it goes. Remember - this is an estimate ONLY. In a One pound there are approximately 25,000 - 1/4 Polkadots, and 5,000 - 3/4 Stars

    Spain Espana World Cup Metallic Confetti Red Gold - Approx 35 Pieces #4028 - Free Ship - B07DFDD7VP

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