Scatter Hops - B07BHCR7D1

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  • Novelty Hops Cones

  • Beer Decoration

  • Wedding Table Decoration

  • Wedding Hops

  • Scatter Hops are hop cones to use for adding novelty and interest to your special event. They can be used as table decorations, added to your centerpieces, or even used as a beer garnish or cake decorations at wedding receptions, events, and parties. Perhaps your flower girl can have these in her basket for a beer themed wedding. The hops were processed in a licensed food grade facility so they are safe should you decide to decorate your beverage with them. The hops are mature, whole, and dried. Each cone / flower is approximately 1/2" to 1" in size. Each package contains approximately 4 cups of hops. Scatter hops are delivered in a sealed mylar bag. Surprise your guests with this fun item easily added to any beer themed celebration!

    Scatter Hops - B07BHCR7D1

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