Excite Colors - Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs Powder + 40 Stickers | Pink or Blue 2lb | Holi Color Powder for Car Exhaust | Tire Burnout | Tannerite Exploding Target | Photography Ideas | Baby Boy or Girl - B07C7Y26HF

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  • ✔️2 POUNDS OF COLOR! – Each box contains 2 1lb bags of Pink or 2 1lb bags of True Blue colored powder for gender reveals. Our colored chalk powder is perfect for your gender reveal party. Our bright, vibrant and radiant colors are sure to draw the attention of your friends and family for what we would consider a BIG celebration in your life! Our wholesale powder goes hand in hand with all of the pregnancy party supplies you will need in order to create this memorable day.

  • ✔️NON TOXIC COLOR POWDER- Our top notch quality controlled powder is eco friendly, safe on skin, removable from shirts, easy to clean, and made from natural food ingredients (cornstarch). This also allows our colored powder to be used in bath bombs and other DIY craft kits. Our powder clean up is a breeze. Just easily wash away the colorful powder with soap and water for a simple no-mess clean up. No harsh chemicals, no irritation, nothing.

  • ✔️ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - There are many ways to use colored chalk powder! Our customers have used the colored powder to create gender reveal smoke bombs by utilizing car burnout reveals, car exhaust reveals, shooting tannerite exploding targets, pinatas filled with powder, creating their own cannons, photography ideas and simply throwing it at one another. If you're looking to buy bulk color run powder, holi festivals, 5k run, fun run, or for a charitable event we've got you covered!!

  • ✔️ADDED BONUS - ||| 40 FREE Gender Reveal STICKERS ||| You will receive (20) Team Pink and (20) Team Blue stickers as an added bonus with your purchase. These stickers are the perfect combination for your gender reveal party as they allow your friends and family to choose their team! Our fun party stickers will allow your guests to show their gender guess! This simple party favor completes your decorations on your big day!

  • ✔️PERFECT ATTENTION GETTER – We have the best color match for your gender reveal party and few slogans to help make your big day a success! Team Pink or Team Blue, Lashes or Staches, Bows or Arrows, Buck or Doe, Prince or Princess, Wheels or Heels, Brother or Sister. Little He or Little She, Team Boy or Team Girl, Guns or Glitter.

  • With your purchase you will receive 2lbs of Colored Powder for your Gender Reveal Party with the option of choosing PINK or BLUE

    Each box also contains 20 Team Pink and 20 Team Blue Stickers! These are included in your purchase so that your guests can happily vote on what they think your baby will be!

    Different reveal ideas:

    1. Car/Truck/Tractor/Motorcycle/GoKart Exhaust or Burnout reveal


    Cut the corner of each bag and use a funnel to pack the powder into the exhaust. 


    A: Place 1 bag under each front or rear tires and have your driver initiate a burnout!

    B: Cut a slit down the middle of each bag and/or pour the powder onto the ground and then place your car/truck tires over top of the powder then have your driver initiate the burnout!

    C: Cover the edges of the bag with black tape so the color is not seen by your guests then tape the bags to your tires and have your driver initiate the burnout! You can also repackage the powder into your own black bags if you wish.

    2. Tannerite Reveal: 

    You will need to purchase the tannerite separately, but here is what we recommend and what has worked for others You will typically need 1/4 - 1/2 of tannerite for every 1lb of powder. Of course, the more powder and the more tannerite - the better. Do NOT mix the tannerite and powder together - this will cause the product to not explode - instead place the powder around or on top of the tannerite container inside of a box. Shoot your target for a great smoke bomb explosion!

    3. Pinata:

    Fill the pinata with the powder and swing away! You'll want to make sure you use a lot of swinging force in order to get a great effect.

    Excite Colors - Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs Powder + 40 Stickers | Pink or Blue 2lb | Holi Color Powder for Car Exhaust | Tire Burnout | Tannerite Exploding Target | Photography Ideas | Baby Boy or Girl - B07C7Y26HF

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