Abusive Birthday Balloons - Pack Of 10 Different Funny Offensive Balloons (For Him) - B071J3YPJ9

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  • ✅ ABUSIVE PARTY BALLOONS - Give the man in your life an offensively good time with this generous 10 pack of swearing balloons.

  • ✅ EXCELLENT GAG GIFT - Bring an irreverent smile to those fellows in your life who have a love of all things funny, abusive, and swearing.

  • ✅ CONVERSATION STARTER - These funny balloons will get everyone talking the moment they enter the party room

  • ✅ SUPRISE! - Was he expecting another hum drum birthday party? Surprise! These funny and abusive party balloons are perfect for a birthday roasting!

  • ✅ F*CK YEAH - For the man who loves to swear, these swearing balloons will give as good as he's got. If he's the type of guy who loves to swear, these are the perfect party balloons for him!

  • Smiles All Around ----- Nothing brings a smile to your face like a large cluster of balloons. These balloons have got something to say right back! Humorously abusive, these balloons will bring a smile to everyone's face and lots of laughter as well. Perfect for the guy who can't stop swearing, these funny balloons will give him a taste of his own medicine, in celebratory style. Pack of 10 / 5 Different Sayings ----- These black balloons come in a pack of ten balloons each, with five different sayings. Enjoy the laughter when he encounters balloons greeting him with funny and abusive phrases such as: Happy F*cking Birthday, Worst Party Ever, Old as F*ck, Bast*rd, and Old Git. ----- Delightfully horrible, these balloons will jump start any birthday party. You can use all ten balloons at one party, or share the wealth and split them up anyway you like. Some of the sayings will also suit other events like retirement parties, leaving a job party, and more! ----- High Quality - These balloons are high quality and will take a bit of a beating - almost as much of a beating as they dish out. Perfect for adult parties, you can fill these balloons with air (or helium for added high flying fun) and they will last a long time, delivering their message long after the party has finished. The guest of honour can take them home to remind him of how much his friends and family love him. It's just like a gift that keeps on giving! ----- Black As Death - Is there a gentleman in your life who's getting up there in years and needs a little bit of a reminder? These horrible and funny balloons are sure to get the job done. Cheerfully black, these balloons will be like a highly amusing death shroud that makes everyone happy. Give your party some life by reminding the guest of honour that he's one more year closer to the fate that awaits us all!

    Abusive Birthday Balloons - Pack Of 10 Different Funny Offensive Balloons (For Him) - B071J3YPJ9

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