22" Gold Metallic Single-Use Cannon - B01JPGNM9U

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  • Single-Use

  • Slow-Falling Metallic Confetti

  • Fire Resistant

  • Our single-use cannons launch confetti or streamers through the air, producing the perfect effect for more intimate locations which don’t require large, professional-grade confetti or streamer cannons.  Very affordable and easy to use, single-use cannons are ideal for birthday parties, baby showers, graduations, sporting events, or any other special occasion.  To operate, simply hold firmly, point in a safe direction, and twist the base to shoot the confetti. *Single-Use Cannons can only be shipped via Ground Delivery.* Performance: Shoots confetti 15-20 feet.

    22" Gold Metallic Single-Use Cannon - B01JPGNM9U

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